Victor Yuliev

project statements


The Rus`.White is a title for my project on the territory of present Belarus, in the area which had historical name White Russia.

The interconnections between Ukraine, Belarus and Central Russia have deep historical roots originating from the beginnings of Kiev Russia. However, the post-soviet transformation of these countries followed different ways. Whereas Ukraine has chosen to distance from Russia, Belarus, in contrast, was ready to concede in part its sovereignty for the sake of economical stabilization. At the moment Belarus is in complicated political conditions: it is experiencing isolation from Western Europe that doesn’t support the policy and considers Alexander Lukashenko who has been the head of Belarus for already 20 years a dictator.

The resentment of the governmental actions, which brought the country to financial crisis, Belarus ruble devaluation and sudden price increase, resulted in a series of civil protests in 2011. These protests, as claimed by the organizers, aimed to relieve people of fear and to indicate that changes in Belarus are unavoidable and sooner or later will occur.

The future of Belarus is undetermined: whereas full integration with Russia does not seem probable, reaching the Ukrainian degree of independence is also unlikely. The majority of population supports Europe-oriented development and is tensely watching the current situation in Ukraine.



A personal need for the private space may change depending upon geographical, cultural and social conditions, but it is invariably bound to one’s wish for closeness to other people. In my work “Intimacy” I explore phenomena of search for closeness, wish for solitude, and an indissoluble bond of personal and public space as key factors in city formation.

This project has been shot in Saint Petersburg, one of the biggest European cities, in the areas,where a line between the land and the water becomes a symbolic border between private and public space.

2012-2014 . Saint Petersburg, Russia

Daria Tuminas about Intimacy

There are two sides of one space… To build walls/ To break them through. Imperceptibly, necessary solitude transforms into necessary intercourse. One always wants to be. And often – to be with somebody else.

In the series 'Intimacy', Victor Yuliev researches the phenomena of longing for human intimacy and, on the contrary, longing for privacy. What if they collide?

On one hand, the process of looking for intimacy is seen from the perspective of people shaping social groups, spending time together, being actors on a scene. On the other hand, there still is a place for an extremely lyrical story about 'distances of intimacy'.

All images in the series have distance, but it is a kind of a distance that is sensible, anthropologically attentive towards details. The photographer doesn't belong to groups he is shooting, he observes and 'describes' characters and platforms for actions from an outer point of view, from far away. Another 'distance of intimacy' is between people in the pictures: they are never in any physical contact and are always detached. This series is about intimacy without intimacy. About wanting to sit next to each other, peering into what might be happening in the cold water of ice-holes – not looking at each other. About wanting to gaze at a gulf together – without a hint on an embrace. About wanting to walk barefooted on water in pairs – not holding hands. Intimacy in a distance of a stretched arm. An arm that is withdrawn.



work in progress




Sleeping remains mystic and not a completely explored process in the human body. Even though scientists can’t agree on the nature and characteristics of sleeping, it is a more important need of a humans often than food and water.Absence of sleep, even during one night, influences attention and visual perception in a very negative way. A permanent shortage of a sleep can cause different diseases, such as memory damage, unclear speech, hallucinations, paranoia, decrease of mental activities and others. Most of those impairments are seen among homeless people who don’t have a permanent place to stay and do not get healthy sleep.Pictures were taken in the army tent, a place for lodging for the night for homeless people.

2009 - 2011 . Saint Petersburg, Russia